A multi-platform family event that combined an interactive treasure hunt with short film and outdoor performance about, and made with, the people of Dulwich.

Myrtle West, the well-known scientist/adventurer, has become unstuck in time, coursing throughout Dulwich’s history without any control. Audiences were invited to track down Myrtle’s clues from the past to help bring her back to the present.

The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries was commissioned by Southwark Presents as part of the Dulwich Festival. It was supported by Arts Council England.

Myrtle West Suzette Llewellyn
Smith Sophie Steer
Jane Helen Katamba
Blanche Randall Alleyne
Lauren Lattimer Silvana Maimone
Logie Baird Andrew Cunningham
Hiram Maxim Robin Dann
Himself Brian Green
Henry Bessemer Philip Gill
Margaret Finch Ruth Gordon-Weeks
Annie Bessant Hanna Harlyn
Peasant Caroline Smith,  
and The Note-Orious Choir.


Sound Design by Odinn Hilmarsson
Lighting Design by Matthew Vile
Digital Interactions by Ben Byford

Cinematography by Anthony Gurner
Edited by Zak Klein
Promo Video by Dino Dimopoulos
Sound Recordist  Odinn Hilmarsson

Created  by Simon Ryninks & Emma Tompkins
Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Joseph Wilde
Designed by Emma Tompkins

Produced by Simon Ryninks & Emma Tompkins
Assistant Producer Helen Baechawski
Executive Producer Daisy Cooper

Stage Manager Benjamin Luke
Production Manager Simeon Miller
Coordinator   Anne Whyte

Commissioner Paul Cowell

Thanks to
Alpha Hopkins
Richard Ellis
Paul Highman
Emily Montague
Robert Roach
Julia Wilkinson
David Tompkins