A film within a film within a film within a film...

he best chance of getting a foot in the door is being in the right place at the right time. 
As Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer once (supposedly) said, “90% of all Hollywood careers begin with an elevator pitch...” 

A madcap and anarchic short, The Elevator Pitch is a fourth-wall breaking trip through the film industry which endlessly twists, turns and pulls back to reveal more.
Featuring a plucky intern’s struggle to get to the top, it’s a high-speed deconstruction of the film industry and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

The Elevator Pitch was named a finalist at the Sundance London Short Film Competition, received a Vimeo Staff Pick, and was the opening
film of the London Short Film Festival 2014. Its director, Simon Ryninks, was nominated for IMdB's Best New Filmmaker.

Zak Ronan Raftery
The Producer Nigel Betts
The Real Producer Andrew Frame
Himself Zak Klein
Elise Hanna Harlyn
Jimmy Scott Chambers
Main Juror Tony Pankhurst
Awards Hostess Ellie Burrow
Catzilla Basil Bew

The Elevator Pitch was co-produced by SweetDoh!


Finalist, Short Film Competition Sundance London 2014
Finalist, IMdB New Filmmaker Award 2014
Winner, Cinevana London 2015
Winner, Moviescope Film of the Month
Vimeo Staff Pick

London Short Film Festival 2014
British Shorts, Berlin 2014
International FilmFest, Emden 2014
Bath Film Festival 2014
Loco Comedy Film Festival, London 2014
Leigh Film Festival, 2015
WhirlyGig Spotlights, London 2014
CineShift Film Festival, Washington 2015
VanChan Festival, Vancouver 2015
InHouse Festival, London 2015
Synesthesia Film Festival, San Francisco 2014
The Matinee Project India, Mumbai 2014
Unofficial Google+ Film Festival 2014

Driver Anderson

Sound Recordists
Mikka Korpillo
Tom Whetmore

Production Assistant Hiran Balasuriya
Art Assistant
Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz

Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Zak Klein
Produced by Tibo Travers
Director of Photography Dino Dimopoulos & Tom Walker
1st Assistant Director Ben Davidson
Camera Assistant Jason Dimopoulos
Production Designer Greg Hewitt & Max Lincoln
Costume Designer Helena Trebar
Make Up Artist Carlie Siroko

Editor Hiran Balasuriya

Sami El-Enany
Jonah Klein
Sam Jackson
Will White

Sound Designer Sami El-Enany

Thanks to
Liz McBurney
Stephanie Ware
Ian Lee
Claire Alder
Shoreditch Town Hall
Humayun Zubairi
Shortlands Solicitors
The Gate, Notting Hill