Kimberly Anne - Bury It There

Kimberly Anne
Rachel Brennan
Valerie Ebuwa
Denis Erd
Joel Honeywell
Oliver Knightman
Max Lincoln
Robert Maclachlan
Rhiannon Mair
Maria Sousa
Russell Swallow
Fiona Finn Teo
Leigh Wilson

MoVi Operator: Marcus Samperi
Focus Puller: Joel Honeywell
2nd AC /D.I.T: Fiona Finn Teo
Camera Equipment: OnSight
Gaffer: Alberto Balazs
Spark: Alex Rice
Spark: Alejandro Tarraf
Spark: Matt Vile
Lighting Equipment: Panalux


Directed by The Unthank Alliance
Produced by Simon Ryninks & Dino Dimopoulo
Director of Photography Catherine Goldschmidt
Choreography by Daisy Smith
1st Assistant Director Katie Rider
Production Designer Max Lincoln
Costume Designer Sophie Bew
Commissioned by Emily Tedrake, Universal

Kimberly Anne's Hair by Ky Wilson
Kimberly Anne's Make-Up by Silver Branham
Cast Hair/Make-Up by Laura Anne
Art Dept. Assistant Bonnie Paddle

Production Assistants
Simon Burgess
Jason Dimopoulos
James Shaw

Editor Simon Ryninks

Colourist: Alex Berry
Grading: Quality Control

Conor Creg
Matt Johnson
Suzie Murray
Bar Styx

Glass - What It Is To Believe

Jessica Winter
Scott Rivington
Tom Juno
Alexander Provokief
Theo Spark
Dave Chelsea
Jamie Stiby Harris
Charlotte Anderton
Steven Sparkes
Susan Winter
John Slade
Oliver Tobin

Production Designer Gustavo Obrecht
Edited by Dino Dimopoulos
Colourist Dino Dimopoulos
Hair & Make-Up Becky McGahern

Production Assistant Joshua Lawrence
Location Manager Tim at The Social


Directed by The Unthank Alliance
Produced by Simon Ryninks
Director of Photography Andrew Alderslade
1st Assistant Director: Katie Rider

RONIN Operator Will Lyte
Focus Puller Rich Bertenshaw
Gaffer Christopher Tsim
Spark Jackson Caines
Equipment New Day Pictures

La Shark - World Wide Babes

La Shark
Harriet Bevan
Jessica Graham
Elena Horn
Brittany Quinn
Jessica Winter

Produced by Simon Ryninks and Dino Dimopoulos
Edited by Simon Ryninks and Dino Dimopoulos

Directed by The Unthank Alliance
Cinematography by Dino Dimopoulos