The Van Dyck Vanishments was a real-life video game adventure through art, combining narrative scenes with interactive puzzle-solving.
Members of the public were invited to take part in a routine test of pioneering tourism company Endless Horizons Ltd’s latest invention:
a machine capable of sending people INTO works of art. But even the slightest misstep can have
catastrophic results when you’re exploring art from the inside.
The Van Dyck Vanishments was our first immersive performance: a madcap misadventure that took its participants on an
anarchic journey through art history, starting at the Turner Contemporary and culminating in an artist’s psyche via time, space and the streets of Margate.
Commissioned by Marine Studios as part of GEEK 2015.
Funded through Arts Council England with the support of the Turner Contemporary,
The National Portrait Gallery, and Canterbury Christchurch University.

Anthony van Dyck Benedict Eedle/Paul Fuller
Smith Hanna Harlyn/Jennifer Shakesby
Lauren Lattimer Silvana Maimone
Ambassador Alma Costa
Spokesperson Lucy Farrett
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska Thomas Renaud
Patrick Herron Odinn Orn Hilmarsson

Stage Managers                                       Assistant Stage Managers
Rachael Boyle                                          Hannah Gardiner
Flower Ivanova                                        Laura Burchell
                                                                   Jadene Barker
Deputy Stage Managers                        Lauren Mayes
Ioannis Levadtis                                       
Barbara Pozgajcic                                   Thanks
Lewis Colley                                             Richard Houghton, HKD
Phillip McParland                                    Catherine Nicholson, Turner Contemporary
                                                                    Hayley Dixon                                                             


Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Joseph Wilde
Produced by Daisy Cooper
Executive Producer Kate Kneale
Designed by Emma Tompkins
Video Designer Dino Dimopoulos
Lighting Designer Matthew Vile
Sound & Composition Odinn Orn Hilmarsson
Production Manager Rhys Thomas
Digital Designer Ben Byford

Board Games Designer Nicholas Jones
Costume Designed by Natasha Mackmurdie
Graphic Designer Alfonso Buendia
Design Assistant Rose Walker
Scenic Artist Becky Vincer
Illustration by Vicki Taylor
Sound Assistants Elizabeth Harward,
Andre Dack & Jack Dorman
Documentary Director David Good
Photography Richard Lakos