Join future-archeologist Lattice as she attempts to collect wayward characters from the past. Armed with the trusty Walrus 700 - a futuristic pixel-detection device - help track down Dickens, find Frankenstein and bag Boudicca on the streets of Blackfriars. Enter a world of pixelated people, puppetry and playfulness by throwing on a pair of ‘not-so-high-tech’ goggles. Virtually Blackfriars is a bonkers mix of sci-fi adventure and quirky invention.

Virtually Blackfriars was commissioned by Southwark Presents as part of Blackfriars Stories. It was supported by Arts Council England.

Commander Theia Tamsin Dowsett
Boudica / Bella Burge / Frankenstein Hannah Moss
Charles Dickens / Boxer Len Johnson Li Keegan
Charwoman / Strongman Charles Hughes Elfie Frazer
Michael Caine / Naomi Campbell  Ace McKenzie
Students from University Engineering Academy, Southwark


Sound Design by Odinn Orn Hilmarsson
Lighting Design by Sherri Coenen
Puppetry Associate Matthew Vile
Master Prop Maker Katie Penn
Costume Maker Natasha Mackmurdie

Prop Assistants Elizabeth Lindsay, Naomi Oppenheim, Alice Simonato, David Tompkins, Jen Vile. 

Created  by Simon Ryninks & Emma Tompkins
Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Berri George
Designed by Emma Tompkins

Produced by Ross Crosby
Production Manager Rhys Thomas
Production Manager (cover) Chris Sylvester
Stage Managers Sally McKenna, Suzi Kelly, Rosanna Mallinson

Stage Managers Sally McKenna, Suzi Kelly, Rosanna Mallinson

Coordinator   Anne Whyte
Commissioner Dan Taylor

Thanks to
Rvd. Jonathan Coore
Paul Cowell
Angie Dixon
Caroline Jones
Rebecca Morgan
Simon Mouncey
Hannah Selby
Old Vic New Voices
The Young Vic


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